NaNoWriMo: Eden’s Final Countdown

You guys are going to be so disappointed in this weeks log, so I apologize in advance. Just, while you’re reading, recognize that I’ve made some good progress this week.


Day 23 (11/23/2017):

I didn’t do amazing on Thanksgiving, but I did more than I ever actually expected from myself. It was a really busy day and I didn’t get home until close to 11 p.m., but I’m proud to say I still sat down and hammered out about 1,500 words before I had to crash for the night.

Total word count: 26,364

Day 24 (11/24/2017):

Today was one of my best days in a while. I was focused and ready to get some serious writing in. At the end of the day, I’d written nearly 4,000 words and was nearing the 31,000 mark. It definitely made me feel better about where I stood for the month.

Total word count: 30,329

Day 25 (11/25/2017:

The 25th was Caitlynn’s birthday and I ended up out doing stuff with that and reading a couple of books to get some reviews out (which will eventually come back, I swear). By time I got home it was 1 a.m. and I was dead from the day I’d had. If you can’t tell, these are all of my excuses for not working that day.

Total word count: 30,329

Day 26 (11/26/2017):

I wanted to make up for missing the day before, so I spent a couple of hours writing on Sunday. It actually forced me to go to bed a bit later than I typically would on a school night and I basically set myself up for sabotage for the days after.

Total word count: 33,137

Day 27-29 (11/27/2017 to 11/29/2017):

Nothing. I completed absolutely nothing these days. Between getting back to school from the break and the amount of lesson planning I’ve been doing for the last three days, I haven’t had time to even consider opening my computer until I sat down to right this post (at approximately 6:37 p.m.). I still have a day left. Let’s see how far I can push my word count to.

Are you doing NaNoWriMo? If so, how are you on the word count? If not, is it something you would do next year?



2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: Eden’s Final Countdown

  1. 33000 words is great! I did NaNo for the first time last year and only made it to 15000. I wasn’t able to do it this year what with all the writing I had to do for college apps, but hopefully next year!


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