T5W – Bookish Things I’m a Grinch About

I want to start this post by first and foremost stating that I’m the least Grinch-y person out there. I am all about the holidays. I absolutely love the time with family and gift giving.

Even more, I love the break from seeing my adorable little 6th graders every day. Let’s be real, at this point in the year, they’re starting to morph into 7th graders and that really hurts.

But anyway! I thought this top five Wednesday sounded like a lot of fun because there are always things that I jokingly pick on books about.

Here’s the prompt for this Wednesday’s T5W:

Since being a grinch is a funny thing, try not to make this serious topics that make you angry (like lack of diversity or abusive relationships in fiction, etc) as this is supposed to be more of a petty bookish things you hate. This can be stuff about covers, dumb tropes, etc. Have fun with it. 

1. No series numbers on books.

When I’m looking for books and I haven’t completed the series, can we please put the numbers on the books so I know what number it is in the series? I hate picking up book five, when I’m looking for book two. *Glares at Sarah J. Maas*

2. Cover changes.

Ok, ok. I get that sometimes cover changes need to happen. However, can we wait until we finish the series please? I will absolutely by the other covers, but can I at least complete the current series before you just switch things up? I’m not a flexible person, you really need to work with me on this, authors.

3. The obvious love interest.

We all love a good romance, we can’t deny it. But can we stop introducing characters for the sake of giving our main a love interest? Look, I get it, things get a lot steamier with a love interest, but sometimes can’t a girl just get a badass fantasy novel without the love?

4. Vampires

Please, no more. It was fun, but we’ve killed it.

5. Witches

Look, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Jenn was right, there isn’t a single book about witches that is actually good.*

*The Witchlands series is not about witches, but people with specific elemental abilities.

What do you think? Do you agree? Disagree? Give me some suggestions on books about witches. I would love to change my mind on them.

7 thoughts on “T5W – Bookish Things I’m a Grinch About

  1. Oooh you should read Spell on Wheels! It’s a graphic novel that talks about witches and it’s good. Could be a good place to start if you want to read something about witches. 🙂


  2. Haha, all the witches are over in the cozy mystery genre, so that’s why YA is kind of slim. Look up Amanda M. Lee. Her series The Wicked Witches of the Midwest are super fun and very funny.


  3. I got to say I disagree with you on number 5, I’m happy if witches are added to anything but agree so much on number 1. I don’t like having to look up on Goodreads whether this book or that book is the first or last in the series. The Mara Dyer series was the worst for this because I could never remember which one was the second and which was the third. Glad to see I’m not the only one this annoys 😀


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