T5W – Characters on the Naughty List

I did a top five Wednesday last week and really enjoyed it. And I checked this weeks, and honestly I feel like it might be even better than the last one.

This week is characters on the naughty list. In the Top five Wednesday group on Goodreads, they say it can be villains or characters that I don’t like. I thought it would be more fun to do villains since they’re more likely to be on the naughty list than a character that I simply don’t like.

1. Holland from A Darker Shade of Magic

Y’all had to know that Holland was going to be on here. He’s so nasty he makes the Grinch look sweet. Honestly, I love Holland and the story around him, but then again, who doesn’t love a fantastic villian?

2. Cath from Heartless

The origin story of the queen of hearts is everything. Cath, while sweet, definitely knows what she wants by the end of the novel and it’s not very nice. She would most definitely be on the naughty list, even if she isn’t fully evil in Heartless.

3. Charlotte Holmes from A Study in Charlotte

This one may seem a little surprising because Charlotte isn’t actually meant to be a villain, but she’s such a jerk (in the best of ways) sometimes that I felt she were appropriate for this list. Let us never forget how demanding and fucked up a Holmes truly is.

4. Grace Mae from A Madness So Discreet

Become a fallen woman? Fake your death to get out of an insane asylum? Yes, this is definitely naughty list material. Again, it’s in the best ways.

5. Rosa from My Sister Rosa

Rosa is such a chilling character that I had to include her into this list. Her awful, thought out tactics and intense interest in death truly makes her naughty. Plus, she’s like 9 so it’s the perfect age for Santa to continue to give gifts (or in Rosa’s case, coal) to.

Who would you pick for your naughty list? Are there any of mine that you disagree with?

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