Christmas Reading

Good afternoon everyone!

I’m a little late with my post today, but it’s for good reason. You see, I’m trying to get some books read over break and over the last few days I’ve been trying to figure out what I would be reading.

And today, I’ve decided.

So I have until the 2nd of January off from work. In this time I’m hoping to read a couple of books. When Thanksgiving break came, I made a point to read like three books for the week. I managed to read one and it was our discussion read. This break, I intend to get more than just one book read.


If you notice, I’ve included two books that were originally on my list for reading during Thanksgiving break. I never got to them and I really wanted to read them, plus their library books (from the school that I work at, we have to determine if the books are “too YA” so my librarian asked me to read them), so I’m going to give them a go again.

In addition to Whichwood and Geekerella, I’ve added Warcross to my TBR. It’s a book I’ve waited a long time to read and I would love to just sit down and read it uninterrupted and there’s no better time than during a break.

That’s it for my holiday reading, let me know what you plan to read over the holidays. Or if you have any added recommendations for me.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Reading

  1. Currently I’m reading ‘The Thing We Call a Heart’ and I’m loving it. I have no plans for my holiday break reading though… maybe (hopefully) I’ll get some new books for Christmas and decision what to read next will be made for me 🙂


  2. My holiday reading includes a book called 5 to 1, which I bought because it was really cheap and I thought it was poetry but I finally read the back today and apparently it is a book set 50 years in the future in India – I’m thinking a dystopia – and since there were child birth restrictions to only one child, girls were disposed of because they couldn’t offer as much as a boy to the family. So girls became scarce and women decided to take over and now there’s a to the death competition where 5 boys compete for a girl’s hand in marriage. It sounds insane. The girl is told in verse and the guy in prose. I am so excited for the poetry/prose aspect and also for a dystopia set in India!


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