Thursday Thoughts – Changing my Reading Mindset

With the new year I have really been thinking about my life in the book blogging community. Within this community I have found great friends, wonderful books, and a sense of camaraderie. Joining the book blogging and bookstagram communities have been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

However, it has also changed my mindset with reading. Slowly but surely reading became a means to an end all of a sudden. I had to finish a book to stay up to date with everyone else. I had to finish a book to write a review. I had to read a book to make a relevant post. I had to read a book for, etc.

Rather than enjoying the process of reading and the book itself. I began to value what the outcome of reading it would be. So, this year I’m going to do things a little differently. Here are 10 things I will change in 2018.

  1. Change my mindset: Read for the pleasure of reading.
  2. Read more books that are Non-Fiction.
  3. Enjoy the journey of a book.
  4. Read a book without forcing myself to create a post for it.
  5. Write more for fun.
  6. Try a book I never would try previously.
  7. Get book recommendations from people with different backgrounds.
  8. Research more: historical context, authors, cultures, etc. Just go deeper.
  9. Read more poetry.
  10. Care less about what people think about the books I read.


This year is going to be a year about myself as a reader. Rather than attempting to fit into a mold I will read what I want when I want to. The book community values all kinds of readers. I need to remember that.

If you could change your mindset what would you change?


11 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – Changing my Reading Mindset

  1. I, too, felt like this during 2017. The more my blog grew, the more authors and publishers reached out. With that and looking at how much everyone else posts reviews, I felt as though I needed to work even harder. Now I’m incredibly behind since I just grew tiresome of some books. For 2018, I think I want to really focus on books I want to read rather than what I feel I need to read. I also want to become more picky when taking book review requests and learn to say no. Awesome post! It’s so insightful and really reaches to all bloggers I find 🙂


    1. Thanks, I’m glad it wasn’t just me. Last year I focused on the business side and got caught up in what I thought was expected of me. This year I’m going back to why I initially started blogging.

      I hope your 2018 is more relaxing than your 2017!! 🙂

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      1. Definitely not just you! One thing I really want to do is start tracking blog posts and ideas in a blog planner…however, I’m not very artsy so I don’t want to make one via a bullet journal. Attempting to find one has been challenging ha-ha!

        Here’s to 2018 being more relaxing and exciting for us both!


  2. Yes! I need to keep some of these things in mind during 2018 too. I need to work on reading and blogging for me and realizing it’s okay that I only have the time to read 20ish books per year as a full-time grad student and stop comparing myself to other readers.


  3. ‘If I could change my mindset’, I’d have it made! I’d be more positive, more generous to folks, more appreciative of what I have and what I see in the worlds, and I would have more compassion for myself and others. Thank goodness I CAN change it, even if it seems like work to me! Your list seems smart in including enjoyment and learning from others, so enjoy and only tell us about it when you have time and you want to!


  4. I’ve felt something similar at the end of the year, although I don’t blog much, it was more related to the Goodreads goal, I spent far too much time reading to beat the goal, to get the over-achiever mark, in the end I realised, I hurried because of this too many books, and as a result enjoyed them less. I’ve started with slowing down already in December, and I didn’t set myself a GR goal this year.
    I like your ten points you’ve set yourself to change this year. Good luck! 🙂


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