Currently Reading – This Darkness Mine

I’m so tired.

I was going to create a review for This Darkness Mine this week, but when I went to begin, I realized I have about 80 pages left.

I found this weird for several reasons.

  1. I’ve been reading this book for a while. I usually speed through Mindy McGinnis books and for some reason this book just hasn’t kept me as engaged as her others.
  2. How could I forget that I hadn’t finished a book?

With those things in mind, I’m going to go ahead and give my current thoughts on the book and how I’m a bit disappointed in it.

Let’s start with the biggest issue for me: I haven’t finished her book and I’ve been reading it since the start of January.

Like I said before, this is incredibly unusual for me when it comes to her books. A Madness So Discreet and The Female of the Species took me no time to finish and quite frankly are two of my favorite books. When I heard the premise of This Darkness Mine, I immediately thought it sounded like something I would really enjoy.

So far, I’m just underwhelmed, and honestly, a little exasperated with the story.

I don’t want to get to deep into what it’s about, but basically it’s a young girl that may or may not have multiple personalities.

The big issue with this premise is that half the time I either think the main character is crazy and annoying or McGinnis has crafted a very well done novel that uses magical realism as a literary element. McGinnis never, or at least hasn’t yet, reveals what you should or should not think.

Do you see the dilemma here?

Usually I love a book that let’s me interpret the situation and leaves an opening for my own thoughts, but with This Darkness Mine, I just feel a bit confused and frustrated.

Not to mention, I don’t like any of the characters in this book. I genuinely dislike every single one of them.

Anyway, I’m going to leave off on that note. I don’t want to rant.

Have you read This Darkness Mine? What did you think?


4 thoughts on “Currently Reading – This Darkness Mine

  1. No one is really likeable in the book. I did enjoy reading it though and the ending is kind of crazy. It seems that people either love or hate this one. There are lots of mixed reviews. I liked how dark and strange it was, but I didn’t connect with anyone in the book.


  2. I haven’t read it but do have a number of friends and clients who are actual multiple-personality folks, so it may be of interest just to see if it comes across as feasible and insightful or just sort of made-up stuff. Everyone being unlikable seems offputting to me though–it makes me feel ‘why bother?’ Thanks for the write-up.


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