T5W – Books I Dislike, But Love to Discuss

Last Wednesday I messed up and didn’t post. This Wednesday, you’re getting a post!

Let me just say, I’ve been doing some reading and I’m confident that you’ll have another book review from me soon.

Until then, I felt that a Top Five Wednesday was in order.

This week, I’m going through books that I dislike, but enjoy discussing. I want to say, first, that I really try to stay positive about all books. However, this is real life and I’m not going to love everything I read.

1. Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

  • I don’t “dislike” this book per se. I mostly just like to make fun of how much I loved it when I was 14 and 15 years old. It’s not the most well-written story, but it’s a fun one to make fun of and reminisce on.

2. The Selection Series by Kiera Cass

  • This is a book that I believe I would have enjoyed around the same time I read Twilight, unfortunately for it, I read it at about 22 or 23 years old. I like to make fun of this book (the main characters name is America Singer, and, wow, so weird, she’s a singer) so I talk about it often. It wasn’t a bad story, but it’s not one that I particularly enjoyed.

3. The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

  • Jenn and I talk about this book so much. We always reference how much we hated Simon and how cringey Clarey was. Also, the second book showcased incest (or what we thought was incest at the time) and it was so disturbing. This book will stick with me for the rest of my life.

4. Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

  • If you haven’t realized, books I dislike tend to be made fun of. Jenn, Caitlynn and I talk about this book when we discuss ridiculous tropes. This one manages to take your typical popular girl in high school and make it even more ridiculous. Honestly, it’s a lot of repeating and just monotony.

5. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews

  • I dislike this book and it’s for reasons that I can’t turn into a joke. I think that this book is a serious disappointment. It has a lot of promise, but Jesse Andrews never actually delivers. It’s a massive let down for me and one that I always go back to any time I think about books that have underperformed.

That’s it. What are some of the books you find that you didn’t really like, but you always talk about?


4 thoughts on “T5W – Books I Dislike, But Love to Discuss

  1. What a fun blog idea! Twilight is also that for me. I can talk about it from a place of having once deeply loved it and also how awful it truly was in so many ways. Great post!


  2. Twilight is the only book I really disliked, but still regularly talk about…. Although I remember at the time that I first read Fangirl I spent a long time picking it apart with my friend Mary because we both almost liked it, or liked it only on a very surface level, but the second we started examining any individual aspects we realized we didn’t like it.


  3. John Grisham’s early works. I read three of his earlier works (in order of publication date) a few years back because I loved King of torts and street lawyer. So I read Rainmaker, then the Associate, and I was about to read the Partner when I stumbled across The Bluest Eye and realised that I had wasted my time and that J.G tells stories but he doesn’t make my heart sing


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