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Ok, as I was scrolling through the wordpress reader last night, I found this tag that Adventures of a Bookish Girl did and I realllllly wanted to do it.  It’s kind of crazy though because she found this tag at Crazy for YA’s website, but it was from a post in 2014.

The concept is to create a family for yourself using characters from a book, which just seems like a ton of fun.

Who would your parents be?

Maura from The Raven Cycle. I think she would just be really awesome about supporting me no matter what life choices I made. Plus, she’s a medium and I just love that entire household of people.


Who would be your sister?

Honestly, I would be really cool with Alex from The Female of the Species. I love how weird she is, but more importantly, I love her loyalty and her need to stick up for those she loves.

Who would be your brother?

Q from Paper Towns. I imagine him to be the most brotherly. Plus, I would totally join him on his road trip to find Margo Roth Spiegalman (spelling?).


Who would be your pet?

Hedwig, of course. There’s no other pet in a story that I can remember quite the way I remember Hedwig.


Where would you live?

I would love to live in the world that Furthermore is based in. It’s so colorful and amazing, plus I would have some interesting magical ability.

Where would you go to school?

Another Harry Potter reference, but Hogwarts. I would be there in a heartbeat, dressed in my Gryffindor attire and ready to go to Quidditch matches and drink butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks. You wouldn’t be able to get me to come home.


Who would be your best friend?

Charlotte from A Study in Charlotte. When I said this to Jenn she was very confused by it, but honestly I would be so in on her investigations. She’d probably hate me because I would just be so in awe of her.


Who would be your significant other?

100 percent Kell from the Shades of Magic series. He’s powerful, smart, kind and not without his faults. Plus, his “family” is awesome and I wouldn’t mind having an opportunity to hang out with Rhy and Alucard.


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