February Reading Goals

In keeping with the theme for this year I am choosing to forgo TBR posts. Instead I plan to make monthly goals. TBRs and I have always had a strained relationship (Check out my post about them here) so it wasn’t a difficult decision to make. So, here are my goals for February.

  1. Read a non-fiction novel.
    • Often I find myself deciding not to read non-fiction because it’s more time consuming than fiction. That is such a cop out. I love non-fiction. So, I’m going to ensure that I give myself a chance to read more of it.
  2. Read a book a week (of any genre).
    • I’m not putting pressure on myself to complete a million books. Instead I want to make sure I’m taking time to read. So, I want to complete 1 book a week for this month.
  3. Read a book purely based off of a recommendation.
    • This might be through a blog post or in person. But, I’m going to choose one book just because it’s a book loved by someone who thinks I will love it too. I won’t worry about Goodreads ratings or popularity. All that matters will be that someone I respect thinks I will love it.
  4. Write blog posts earlier rather than waiting.
    • To be completely transparent right now, I’ve already broken this one. But, it’s the 1st so I might as well try for the rest of the month right? I’m currently writing this post and it’s already late. So, I’m going to start planning ahead so that I’m prepared for anything.


Do you create TBRs or do you make goals? What do you prefer and why?




12 thoughts on “February Reading Goals

  1. I just have mountains of books in the house already, and we go to the library, and we buy tons of used books or get them from the little free library in downtown Woodstock NY, or I am on mailing lists for new titles having to do with Tibetan Buddhism or tarot and often buy those. If something else strikes me as great via a blog online, I may get it through a library or buy it, or if I see stuff downtown Woodstock like an autobiography of a New Wave musician or something, I’ll buy it. OH! Or when friends or teachers publish books or tarot decks, I always buy them too. So, I read a lot, and reread a lot, and just find whatever strikes me as the next thing to read–there is no serious schedule for me, but I do read every night before sleeping.


  2. I do make a TBR because otherwise I’d forget about books I want to read. But I don’t set them by month or a certain time. I just get through however many I feel like. It’s also not very strict and I kind of read whatever I want to at the time.


  3. I am more of a goal person than a TBR. My interests change too often to make a TBR work for me. I like to see what I want in that moment and if i can’t decide, I have someone else pick for me! Makes things easier, IMO


  4. I make TBRs and I usually stick to them. Sometimes I don’t read a book that I initially put on my list or I add others but overall I stick to them. I make them because I feel like without them I wouldn’t get as much reading done.


  5. TBR’s are a struggle for me which is why I’m new to doing TBR posts. But, to stay on top of my galleys, I have to at least plan for those. The hard part is figuring out what else I’m going to read, and deciding in advance doesn’t always work well for me (I’m so resistant to “have to’s”, a bit of a mood reader really). However, if I don’t choose in advance, I sometimes struggle to decide, and don’t meet my overall reading goals so…there you go. But I do like your idea of creating monthly goals and then finding a book to suit it. I’m going to toy with that idea for my personal monthly selections, maybe doing a TBR/Goals combination to accommodate all my reading needs. Excellent post!


  6. Nice goals!

    I usually set myself challenges and link a TBR to that.
    Like, February is all about fantasy so I made a list of all fantasy series I own and have yet to read. I’ll probably be tempted to pick up other books as well, but as long as I at least TRY to get through more fantasy, I’m already happy.
    I also love checking off certain prompts in challenges, haha.

    Honestly, I simply love making lists and ticking things off it.. :’)


  7. I’m with you on the non-fiction, I really want to read more but I always find myself reaching for fiction instead! I’ve done TBRs and goals for the year, but I do TBRs for the months, though I really don’t stick to them that well 🙂


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