February Goals

Maybe you haven’t noticed, but I’ve been a bit MIA recently.

Of course, I could blame it on any number of reasons. I have a job, yes. And yes, I have been sick. But really, I just haven’t had the time or energy to read much.

However, I want to make that change this month.

I’m making a couple of goals for me this month because I’m very much for instant gratification and nothing helps me achieve it like having goals.

First, I’m going to read at least two books this month and get reviews out on them.

Second, I will create four posts, not book reviews, that are well thought out and focused on the bookish community or some aspect of the community.

Third, I will read to enjoy it. I won’t force it and I won’t have any expectations. It’ll just be a nice chill thing.

Ok, I know this was short. So, tell me what your plans for February are? Any book goals?


5 thoughts on “February Goals

  1. It’s good to hear that you’re feeling better. I hope you reach all your goals. I’ve also been busy at work, and find it hard to blog as much as I once did. My goal is to start my next book. The first, which was recently published, took me almost six years to complete while concentrating on work, bills, and the bills from my kids colleges. Take care.


  2. Great goals. I was in a similar sort of funk in January. I just could not motivate myself to find the energy to read and review like I had been doing through 2017. I think I was probably a little bit burned out. I’ve started jumping back in slowly this month though. I set my goal for the year to 25 books instead of 90, with the hope that a lower goal is going to allow me to just get back to enjoying what I read rather than feeling like I’m flying through reviews and books at a breakneck pace.

    Hopefully we both find our mojo again this month!


  3. Good luck with your goals! I also try to break up book reviews with bookish lifestyle posts. They are fun to write. My goal is to make a dent in the pile of books I need to review.


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