Thrice Read Saturdays

Good morning everyone!

It’s me, Eden, coming to you today with some updates for Thrice Read.

If you’ve been following us from the beginning, you know that we originally would do a Saturday post in which we discussed a book that we all read. It was actually how this blog got started because we were just taking our book club meetings and turning them into an online resource for those that were actually interested.

Over the last couple of months though, we’ve dropped off from doing book club posts. It’s not because we don’t want to, but mostly because we haven’t had the time. Between work, me getting engaged, Caitlynn getting engaged, Jenn working at Disney in addition to teaching, and just the overall experience of being an adult, we’ve found ourselves a bit short on time. Unfortunately that meant it cut into the blog.

But, today, I come to you guys with our solution to Saturday posts.

In the upcoming weeks we are going to change the format of Saturday posts. Instead of doing four book club books a month, we’re going to cut it down and incorporate some other stuff that seemed fun.

  1. Book Club – Like I said before, it’s what started everything for us. There’s no way we’re cutting it out completely. We will be incorporating this twice a month rather than four times a month.
  2. Daring Saturday – Since there are three of us and we are always reading something different, we’re going to take on Saturday where one of us forces the other two to read a particular book that we choose (we can choose two completely different novels for each person) and then have them report their feelings on the book that Saturday.
  3. Thrice Read Tag – We made a tag one time that we had a lot of fun creating. We haven’t decided exactly if we will just make a new tag once a month or update the existing one we made last year, but we know that it will be a group tag.

That’s it! I hope everyone is looking forward to some Saturday posts from us again, I know we’re excited about the changes to the format.

Let us know what you think. Is there something we should be doing that we just haven’t hit yet?


4 thoughts on “Thrice Read Saturdays

  1. You all sound so busy, so I would just say do what works for you and your lives. Why add stress to life just to entertain some online folks who are probably happy to see whatever you post when you get to it? Well, I hope the folks would be happy with whatever you offer–if not, we can all adjust!


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