First Lines Book Challenge

We are back! It feels great to get back to Saturday posts and we are excited to do something that we are having fun with!

This week, what we decided to do was the first lines challenge. Each of us picked three books and we had to try to tell the title of the book from the first line.

Jenn’s Turn, Part One

“A lightning strike.”

E: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.

J: No.

C: Alright… next.

J: You don’t want to guess?

C: “A lightning strike”… This is something we have both read?

J: Yeah. You want the second line?

C: Yeah.

“A shark attack.”

E: What?! We read a book about a shark attack?

C: The Salt to the Sea?

J: NO!

E: I don’t know!

J: You want another line?

E: No… The Coldest Girl in Coldtown?

J: No.

“Winning the lottery.”

E: The Fault in Our Stars.

C: P.S. I Still Like You.

J: *Rustles pages* No.

C: It sounded like you just had to look at the cover.

J: Nope, it’s just a loose-y goose-y book cover.


C & E: That’s the next line!?

J: Yeah.

C: You’re mean! Why did we do this with her?! You totally did this on purpose to beat us!

E: I know this book!

C: Simon Vs. the Homosapien’s Agenda.

J: No.

E: Next line.

“I lined through all of the words.”

E: Shatter Me?

E: Looking for Alaska?

C: One more line.

J: Ha, it’s not a good one…

“Too cliche.”

E: Ugh! Paper Towns?

C: I have no clue.

“I tapped my pen against my lips.”

E: Go to the next one.


C: Next one.

“What was rare?”

E & C: UGH!

J: This next one!

C: Words in Deep Blue?

J: No.

“Meat, I thought with a small laugh.”

E: I know this!

J: I know that line…

C: I don’t have a clue.

J: P.S. I Like You.

C: *Realizes Jenn lied earlier* No wonder you had to look at the cover!

J: Uh, huh!

Jenn’s Turn, Part Two

“I shouldn’t have come to this party.”

E: Oh. The Summer one… The Morgan Matson book, Not Since You’ve Been Gone.

C: Summertime Sadness?

E: That’s a Lana Del Ray song. When You-

C: When You Were Gone?

E: No! That’s a Kelly Clarkson song.

C: There’s ice cream on the cover.

E: Is it Since You’ve Been Gone?

J: No.

“I’m not even sure I belong at this party.”

C: Is Eden on the right track?

J: I can’t tell you.

C: Dangit, I don’t know if I need to be thinking of the Morgan Matson book or thinking of a different book!

J: The Unexpected Everything maybe?

E: The Unexpected Everything!

J: No.

J: My True Love Gave to Me.

C: I don’t know.

“That’s not on some bougie shit either.”

E: THuG!

C: I almost went with American Street!

J: Yes, The Hate U Give.

Jenn’s Turn, Part Three

“It’s too damn cold of a day to be out on a hunt.”

E: Warcross.

C: I was going to say A Court of Thorns and Roses.

J: Nope, it was Warcross.

Eden’s Turn, Part One

“Sophie had waited all of her life to be kidnapped.”

J: Who is Sophie?!

C: It’s the School of Good and Evil!

E: Actually, it’s the School FOR Good and Evil…

Eden’s Turn, Part Two

“XTC was no good for drowning out the moron’s at the back of the bus.”

C: The Female of the Species?

E: No.

J: The Fifth Wave.

E: Eleanor and Park.

J: You were supposed to give us the next line!

E: Oh, am I? Ok, here is a new one.

Eden’s Turn, Part Two (Again)


“This is how I kill someone.”

C: You did not just pick up Female of the Species after I just guessed it for the last one did you?!

E: Haha, yes!

Eden’s Turn, Part Three


“I never planned on stealing someone else’s life.”

C: They all sound familiar and I have no clue!

C: Oh, Wolf by Wolf!

E: No.

J: The Thousandth Floor?

E: No. Next line?

“Really, at a glance you wouldn’t think there was anything wrong with my old life.”

C: Not a clue.

J: It sounds like a female author… I don’t know.

E: Very specific Jenn.

J: I don’t know, go to the next line.

“I was young and healthy.”

“I liked to think that I was clever.”

“I belong to one of the noblest families in Osfrid, one that could trace its bloodline back to the country’s founders.”

C: The Handmaid’s Tale?

E: I’m so glad that I grabbed this book…

C: Can you just keep reading?

“Sure, my title might have been more prestigious if my family’s fortune hadn’t evaporated, but that was easily fixed.”

J: They are going to wed her off!

C: The Selection!

E: No.

J: The horse one!

C: The Winner’s Curse.

J: No! The other one.

C: Of Fire and Stars!!!

E: No.

“All I had to do was marry well.”

E: Do you want the next line?

J: Is it going to help?

E: Maybe.

“And that was where my problems started.”

J: Not the Selection…

“Most nobleman admired a descendant of Rupert, First Earl of Rothford, great hero of Osfrid.

C: It would help if we could figure out where that was!

E: You want a hint?

J: Sure.

E: We liked this author’s other books, but not so much this book. They wrote about vampires.

C: Charlene Harris, Holly Black… who else.

J: Stephanie Meyer.

C: I’m done!

E: Do you guys give up?

J & C: Yes.

E: The Glittering Court!

Caitlynn’s Turn, Part One

“When we got the letter in the post, my mother was excited.”

J: They are British.

E: A Study in Charlotte.

J: I don’t know.

“She had already decided all of our problems were solved, gone forever.”

J: Ugh, I don’t know this!

E: I know this.

J: The Selection.

C: Yup!

Caitlynn’s Turn, Part Two

“It took seven years to get the letter right.”

E: Caraval!

C: Yup.

Caitlynn’s Turn, Part Three

“There was a corpse in my neighbor’s front yard.”

E: The Fifth Wave.

C: No.

“Sprawled before a hedge of juniper bushes, it’s twisted arms and legs flung out bonelessly, as if it had plummeted there from a passing helicopter, there was an enormous granite boulder where its head should have been.”

J: Heartless.

E: I feel like I haven’t read this.

C: You have.

“The gardening glove on it’s right hand was pulling away from the cuff of a flannel shirt, and a chunk of ghostly white foam rubber innards peeked through the opening.”

J: They are shooting a movie.

C: Next?

“It was one week until Halloween and everyone on my block seemed to be getting into the spirit.”

E: This does not even seem familiar.

C: Do you want me to continue?

E: Yeah.

“Across the street, the Henderson’s have a line of tombstones lining the walk to their front door, each one engraved with a different “funny” epitath.”

J: Harry and the Henderson’s.

E: I was going to say that!

“Here lies the milkman – he was passed his expiration date.”

J: Are we just getting the epitath’s?!

J: The Unexpected Everything.

C: No.

E: Since You’ve Been Gone.

C: No.

J: Go ahead.

“It was a gauntlet of terrible jokes and if you survived it, Mrs. Henderson–dressed in a peaked hat and a warty latex nose–would award you a miniature Charleston Chew.”

J: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.

E: Paper Towns.

C: No and no.

“The last time that I had gone trick or treating, which was nearly five years ago, I had skipped the Henderson’s house.”

E: I have not read this book.

C: You 100% have, we all read this book together. I could probably skip a whole paragraph and maybe you guys would get it.

E: I don’t even know any books anymore.

C: I’m skipping a paragraph.

“My house had a cop car parked in the driveway.”

E: Last Seen Leaving.

C: Yup!



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