Thursday Thoughts – First Impressions & Books

Determining what to read is one of the most difficult tasks for me. If I’m completely honest I have a lot of bias when assessing books. I try to look at all books equally, but that just is not the case.

This week starts a new kind of post from Thrice Read. We will be starting our challenges. Eden is the challenge master and has already doled out or books. I won’t give anything away, but the book that was chosen for me had me thinking about preconceived notions for books.

Throughout my life as a reader I have been influenced by many sources. These include: friends, family, and media. I often find myself reading or avoiding books because of the buzz around them in the media. Many times I find this to be an effective way to avoid reading a book that I will not enjoy. However, that also eliminates my place in the conversation. I enjoy talking about books. Even if I didn’t enjoy the book I still love to discuss the reasons I didn’t like it.

Now, I’m not saying that I am going to force myself to read books that I won’t like. Instead I am going to focus on forming my own opinion by reading the books rather than just listening to other’s opinions. I will start to have my own voice in these debates.


How much does media influence your decisions on books?


8 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – First Impressions & Books

  1. I try to evaluate a book based on the cover (Iknow…), the synopsis, and a bit of consideration for what the reviews say. If the cover and synopsis say “Read me”, but the reviews say “No”, then the reviews better have some really good support for their point of view to dissuade me from reading the book, otherwise I will read the book.

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  2. I wish I could say that I avoid hyped up books but ever since I started blogging and using Goodreads I find myself reading reviews about books more and more before actually reading them myself. I wouldn’t say that it influences my opinion of the book but what I like is that when I read a book that’s “THE” book of the moment, it’s likely that there are several other readers also reading the book and so there’s more opportunity for discussion and sharing opinions.


  3. Media influences which books I read, but it doesn’t influence my opinion of them. When I read books, it’s a very personal and emotional thing for me — it’d be hard to fake. That being said, I tend to like hyped books, but there have definitely been a few that have let me down.


  4. Certain types of media influence my reading – Specifically, blogs and podcasts. But, I also try to balance my reading between influenced books and non-influenced ones!


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