Spring Break Book Tag

Over here at Thrice Read, we start Spring Break today! I’m celebrating by doing a Spring Break book tag and even though I will mostly be hanging out around the house and reading, we are going to pretend that I am going to be doing all of these fun spring break activities.

I found this book tag on Jenessa’s Youtube channel, Thoughts from Nowhere, check out her video here.


If you could go anywhere fictional for spring break, where would it be?

I want to spend my spring break in Warcross! I’m really into VR settings and they make me so curious, so I’ll spend a week there.

Which fictional hottie do you wish you could have a spring fling with?

I honestly don’t know, I haven’t had any characters recently that I have felt that strongly towards since meeting Rhys.

Which group of fictional friends would you like to spend spring break with?

Definitely Percy, Felicity and Monty from Gentleman’s Guide. That trio would be great to be around.

You wake up and realize you’ve had a Hangover-esque experience. Which character(s) do you blame for getting you into these shenanigans?

Oh most definitely Sevro and Cassian. Between the two of those guys, they would 100% be the culprits of loads of trouble.

Oh no, you’re being arrested for disturbing the peace! Which character do you wish you had with you to talk you guys out of this situation?

Definitely Tyrus from The Diabolic or The Empress. He had me believing every word he said.

Last pick’s answer wasn’t able to work their verbal magic, so who do you guys call to bail you out of jail?

Avery from The Thousandth Floor. She would be totally not judgmental and would have enough money to get me out.

Which fictional antagonist’s ass could you totally kick to save spring break?

Definitely Simon in One of Us is Lying. I could have kicked his ass many of times in the book, so I will more than gladly do it to save my spring break.

Which book would you bring with you on spring break?

Just definitely whatever book I’m reading currently. Right now, that would be Otherworld by Jason Segel.

What book would you recommend to someone to read over spring break?

I would say Warcross by Marie Lu, I read it laying by a beach and it worked really well in that environment. 😉


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