Thursday Thoughts – Vacations and Reading

As you guys know, if you read our post from last week, this week is Caitlynn, Eden, and I’s Spring Break. Being teachers we also are off of work for the week. That has had me thinking about the role of reading in my vacations.

At the start of every break from work I say the same thing. The common refrain revolves around me completing an extraordinary amount of work while on break. The reality often does not reflect that.

Let me just put it this way, today is Thursday. I have been off since last Saturday. I have completed no grading, lesson plans, or reading. That’s right. Nothing at all. This thought is constantly at the back of my head nagging me. It creates stress for me, because I feel as though I am not doing enough. The thought that I have to constantly be working is something that constantly causes me to worry. But, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not a problem.

The reason I haven’t read isn’t out of lack of desire. It is purely because I haven’t had the time to read. So, even though I would love to have had finished a book or two during this week I’m not disappointed. Instead I have spent time with my family including my five nieces and nephews, my seven year old cousin, and my nine year old sister. They have taken all of my attention and energy and I am happy about that.

Here are my final thoughts on reading and vacations: There are different priorities for every vacation or break. So, while I wish I had more time in the day to also read a book or two I am happy with the result of this vacation. It has been a success no matter what.


2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – Vacations and Reading

  1. I always tell myself to get a lot of work done over vacations as well and all it does is cause me stress. I feel like I need to start thinking about vacations as a time to relax, not get work done. They are supposed to be a break; I don’t know why we try to make it a time to do MORE work.


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