Six for Sunday | Bookish BFFs

Yay! A Little But A Lot has created a themed book list for Sundays! I was always so jealous of Jenn for getting Tuesdays, since I love doing the Top Ten Tuesday tags, so I’m glad I found a great one to do on Sundays!

This week’s theme is “characters you think would make brilliant best friends” and boy am I excited to get into this list!

Be sure to check out the next few weeks of themes at A Little But A Lot’s page here.

6. Percy from The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue

Percy was such a great character in this book and I honestly loved his loyalty and the interactions he had with every character in this book. I think he would make a great BFF.

5. Nemesis from The Diabolic

Nemesis would be great as a best friend, she is 100% loyal to a fault and honestly after reading The Empress I loved seeing her actual friendships grow in that part of the series.

4. Lazlo from Strange the Dreamer

Lazlo would be a great best friend, he is so fiercely loyal and would be a great person to be around in general. He is super smart and is such a loving person.

3. Eliza from Eliza and her Monsters

Ok, Eliza would be a great best friend to have! I would love to see the behind-the-scenes of her work and she was just an overall great person and so relatable.

2. Mor from A Court of Thorns and Roses

Mor is one of the members of the Dream Court that I absolutely loved. I loved that so many things about her brought out light and joy in other people and she is just the person I would want to be around.

1. Sevro from Red Rising

Sevro honestly would be my #1 best friend. He is already a lot like my best friends that I already have, majorly sarcastic with a few sociopathic tendencies… it would feel just like I was at home!

I love thinking about how these characters would change my life if they were my friends in real life.

Who would be your bookish BFF???


14 thoughts on “Six for Sunday | Bookish BFFs

      1. Haha I agree… They are too much of a part of our lives to forget or not include.. if not Hermoine, I would love Dorian from Throne of Glass to be my BFF… V can buddy read a lot of books… 😉😉😉

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  1. I do not know any of these characters! I shall add them to my TBR pile. They all sound like brilliant pals! Thank you so much for joining in with #SixforSunday! I love seeing new people join in. See you next week! S x

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    1. Thanks for creating it! I’m excited to start participating. Everyone that I have seen read The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue loves it, so I would definitely add that one to the top of your list.


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