The Superlative Book Tag

I’ve seen this tag floating around so I thought I would go ahead an give it a shot. It was really interesting and a cool premise.

Most Likely To Be In The Movies: The book that would make the best movie.

I feel like The Upside of Unrequited would be a really great movie.

Biggest drama Queen/King: The most (overly) dramatic book or character.

Bella Swan from Twilight. That girl literally collapsed when she kissed Edward.

Best Dressed: The book with the best cover.

Ever the Hunted has such a beautiful cover. I can’t get over how pretty it is.

Most Creative: The book with the most unique plot, characters & structure.

Furthermore. I’ve never read another book like it.

Most Popular: The book with the most ratings on GoodReads

You know, it’s probably A Court of Mist and Fury.

Most Improved: The book that started off slow, but really picked up.

I’m going to give this to The Case For Jamie. That book was hard to get into, but the end was quite good.

Cutest Couple: Cutest couple in a book.

Lila and Kell. They’re the best.

Biggest Heartbreaker: The book that broke your heart.

I’m going to have to say Blood for Blood. This book crushed me. It’s trashed my heart.


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