T5W – Top 5 Auto-buy SFF Authors

This week’s Top 5 Wedesday was a really great topic that I just couldn’t resist.

I welcome you to my top five auto-buy Sci-Fi and Fantasy authors. It was actually really difficult coming up with only five authors to post on here. So, I chose to put down the authors that I’ve read the most books from (excluding Sarah J. Maas).


  1. V.E. Schwab – I have read everything with the exception of the second book in the The Archived. She’s amazing and such an impressive writer. I mean, I’m obsessed with everything she does soooo.
  2. Pierce Brown – I’m not sure I would have as much of an appreciation for Sci-Fi novels if it weren’t for Brown. The Red Rising Trilogy is one that captivated me and pushed me deeper into the genre.
  3. Brandon Sanderson – Y’all. He wrote the Mistborn series and a solid young adult fantasy series. This man can do it all.
  4. Susan Dennard – She’s still pushing to be a better known author, but her Truthwitch series has her on the right track.
  5. Leigh Bardugo – Bardugo is simply No. 5 because I couldn’t place her higher. However, she’s amazing. Yet again, she’s one of those authors that is changing the layout of Fantasy.

Who would your top five auto-buy SFF authors be? Why?


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