Ransom Riggs Announces Release For New Ms. Peregrine Novel

If you’ve been busy like me, or maybe you just haven’t been paying close attention to bookstagram, you likely missed what I consider one of the biggest book announcements of the year.

Ransom Riggs, the author of the Ms. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children series, has announced that there will be an additional trilogy in the series.

img_1169The first series followed 16-year-old Jacob who loses his grandfather and, in an attempt to find clarity, goes to the old orphanage that his father grew up in. Once there, Jacob discovers that the stories his grandfather told him growing up were all true.

The announcement came around 8 p.m. Wednesday when Riggs posted the release date on his Instragram.

Since the release of Library of Souls, the final book in the first trilogy, many have questioned whether Riggs would continue to dabble in the world.

In an interview with USA Today, he said that the story picks up in America shortly after Jacob has returned and will center around his peculiar friends navigating the ins and outs of a current day America.

If you remember the first series, you’ll know that none of the peculiar children lived in present day and the closest they ever actually got to a time loop that was present day was about 1944.

Riggs said that this was his opportunity to turn the books upside down and that’s he’s enjoyed all that he’s done so far.

Now, we just have to wait until Map of Days is released in October.

Let the countdown begin.


9 thoughts on “Ransom Riggs Announces Release For New Ms. Peregrine Novel

  1. I saw the announcement and I was really excited, my mom got the boxset for Christmas about two years ago and I love the series, I can’t wait for the new book to come out.

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