So, I’m curious… I know in three weeks when I am done with school I am going to jump right back into reading. Also, in order to catch back up on my Goodreads Reading Challenge, I have to get pretty far ahead since I am currently sitting at 7 books behind schedule.

One of my reading goals this year was to complete or beat my reading challenge and I really still want to stick with that. In order to do so, I feel like doing a read-a-thon would really benefit me once we get into the summer weeks.

I wanted some input from you guys about this though.

I was thinking about a couple different options:

  • Creating a Thrice Read read-a-thon
  • Participating in another blog’s read-a-thon
  • Participating in a themed read-a-thon
  • None of the above and just binge reading like crazy

When I first started looking into read-a-thon’s I was overwhelmed with how many options there are. So I want to see what you guys think…

Would you guys like to see Thrice Read host our own Read-a-thon or participate in a read-a-thon that you guys have heard of/done/seen other bloggers do?

I really would like any ideas because I’m ready to get back into yall!

Let me know what you think or tag me/send me a link to some other amazing read-a-thons!


12 thoughts on “Read-a-thon???

  1. I would love to see you do your own readathon but that’s because I love taking part in readathons in general. The twitter readathon news is quite good for a list of readathons but two I know coming up are Ramadan readathon (starts 17th May) and library readathon (starts 2nd June I think).

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  2. there are a few blogs on here, like Dusk Angel Reads, that create readathon guides each month so you can take a look at what ones you want to join, I def suggest checking them out!

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