Mother’s Day Book Tag

Happy Mother’s Day! I myself am not a mom (unless you count pet mom…) but I do have a wonderful mother who made me who I am today!

So here is a book tag just for Mother’s Day and I hope everyone has a great day today.

1. What is a book you remember you’re mom reading to you when you were little?

I don’t really remember her reading to me, but she really pushed me to read Harry Potter and I am so glad that she did.

2. Is your mom a reader? If so, what books does she like?

Yes! Her and my father are one of the main reasons I got into reading as much as I did. Growing up, one of the things that I remember clearly and vividly from every year of my life is how much my parents read. We had a huge collection of books and both of my parents were always reading at all times.

Both my mom and dad are heavily into fantasy books, fyi.

3. What is a book or book series you have or would like to read with your mom?

I think my mom would enjoy Throne of Glass if she got back into reading heavily. Like I said, she is really into fantasy, so I feel like Throne of Glass would be a great jumping point for her to get back into reading.

4. What is the best gift or book related gift your mom has ever given you (besides being the best mom)?

Any time my parents went on vacation (usually to Las Vegas) she would always do it right around when the new Harry Potter books were released and I always remember her surprising me with the new Harry Potter books each year.

5. Which literary mother do you think your mom best embodies or is most like and why?

She is 100% a Molly Weasley. She is fierce when it comes to people messing with her kids, she doesn’t put up with nonsense, but still finds so much joy and love in life. She’s the best (both my mom and Molly)!

Happy Mother’s Day to all our followers who are mom’s! None of us would be here without you.


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