Hardest Game of Would You Rather for Book Nerds

Ok, so this Buzzfeed article is titled The Hardest Game of ‘Would You Rather’ for Book Nerds and I am so down with this.

You can check out the original Buzzfeed article, here. I’m going to transcribe the questions over to the blog though, so you can grab the game and share your answers if you want!

Here we go!

1. Would you rather have a friend who loses your books, or one who dog-ears them?

Ugh, probably dog-earer.

2. Would you rather secretly love a book everyone else hates, or secretly hate a book everyone else loves?

Love a book that everyone else hates.

3. Would you rather be stuck on a very long plane or train ride without a book?

Probably a train.

4. Would you rather have dinner with your favorite author or your favorite character?

 Favorite character, hands-down.

5. Would you rather date a character you have a crush on or your crush from real life?

IRL crush.

6. Would you rather have your favorite book turned into a movie, or your favorite movie turned into a book?

Favorite book turned into a movie.

7. Would you rather read a book with an annoying cliffhanger, or one where your favorite character is killed off?

Annoying cliffhanger.

8. Would you rather lose the ability to read any new books, or the ability to reread books you’ve already read?

Reread books.

9. Would you rather live in a library or a bookstore?


10. Would you rather lose your place or get a paper cut every time you read a book?

Paper cut every time.

11. Would you rather have to always read in the dark, or always read books with tiny text?

Read with tiny text.

12. Would you rather read by a fireplace, or on the beach?

By the fireplace.


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