The “All About the Reading” Tag

It’s time for a new tag! As I was reading through book blog posts I stumbled upon this great tag! I loved that it features some questions I’ve never answered before. I found this on Maria’s blog. You can also watch the video that inspired her over here: Why I Read | All About the Reading Tag by Books by Leynes.

All about the Reading – Tag

1.What do you look for most when you pick up a book? A) A beautiful writing style B) A character driven story C) A plot driven story
I am always looking for a character driven story. Characters are what ultimately hook me into a narrative and keep me reading.

2.What are your pet peeves in books?

So, I’m going to have to choose two pet peeves for this question. First, pregnancy as a conflict in the novel. Second, I would have to say when characters are pitted against each other because of a love triangle.

3. If you could print one quote on your wall, which one would it be?

I know I always say this quote. But, I just love it. I would have to choose, “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”

4. Which genre would you like to explore more?
Ancient literature, non-fiction, and folk tales from all over the world. As I’ve said, I want to be exposed to new ideas and I’ve been neglecting those three genres way too much.

5. Was there ever a movie adaptation you liked better than the book?
I honestly don’t think I could think of a film that I actually enjoyed more than the book. I will say that I enjoyed both Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries as TV shows rather than books.

6. If one of your favorite books would be adapted or get a new adaptation, which book would it be and which role would you like to play?

I think I would have to say Six of Crows and I would love to play Kaz. But, if I had to stick to my gender I would probably have to choose Nina because of her quotes.

7. A hyped book you wouldn’t recommend at all?

I’m so out of the loop that I can’t even think of a hyped book off of the top of my head. The last one that I could remember was When Dimple Met Rishi. It just did not live up to what I had heard about it.

8. A book that highly influenced your life and way of thinking?

The Harry Potter series definitely influenced my life. Through the novels I learned about dealign with conflict, accepting differences, and the strength of young people.

9. Are you a fan of re-reading books, do you do it often?

I do enjoy re-reading books. However, I do not re-read books as often as I would hope to.

10. Which book title could easily be the title of your life?

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown. Lol.

11. Which book should be required reading for everyone?

Since required reading often causes students resent a book they may otherwise enjoy I don’t know that I could chose one for “required reading.” However, I would say that I think some books that everyone should read at any point in their lives are Dear Martin and Simon vs. the Homosapien’s Agenda.

What would you recommend for required reading? Why?


9 thoughts on “The “All About the Reading” Tag

  1. I feel like “The Book Thief” should be required reading for everyone. It was one of those books that my entire creative writing class had to read (for a case of “unusual narrators”), and I think it’s something that should resonate with everyone.

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