E’s Friday Faves

I’m currently on the edge of bringing you guys not one, but two book reviews. Until then though, I thought it’d be cool to give props to some of my favorite books, movies, TV shows and even bloggers.

Book: Eliza and Her Monsters

I feel like this shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Eliza and Her Monsters is a book I can fully understand and identify with as the main character struggles with anxiety.

Movie: Stardust

This is a movie that I constantly go back to. I watched it for the first time when I was about 16 and I’ve been obsessed ever since. Honestly, I’ve never read Neil Gaiman’s story, but the movie has made it one of the books that are perpetually on my TBR.

TV Show: Community

I watched this show on and off when I was in high school and college, but I recently sat down and watched the entire series and I’m obsessed. Like, follow the entire cast on social media obsessed.

Music: Childish Gambino and Frank Ocean

As far as a favorite artist, I’ve recently been really into anything by Frank Ocean or Childish Gambino. But as for my favorite song, I’ve been listening to Hamptons by Transviolet almost nonstop.

Blog Post: Summer Reads by Kristin Kraves Books

One blog that I’m constantly on is Kristin Kraves Books. She does a great job creating interesting and helpful posts, which is why my favorite blog post from this last week was her Summer Reads suggestions. She gives a really helpful and interesting collection of books that you can read over summer. Go ahead and check out the post and see what books you want to read from it.

Instagram: The_Bandar_Blog

This is a bookstagram and blogger that we’ve followed since starting this blog. She never disappoints us and her bookstagram is on point right now. Go one over and check out her instagram and the gorgeous photos she’s been taking.

What are some of your current favorites? Are there any that we should check out?


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