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Good morning everyone!

I found this tag at Fawn and Fern Books who has a gorgeous blog and is trying to get to 100 followers this year, so go check her out. The tag was originally created by Amber at Du Livre. It looked really cool. Plus, I’m loving all of these tags that are a little different from the typical, “What’s your go to read?”

When did you start blogging and what was your first review?

I started blogging about two years ago, which is insane. My first post was this very well-written The Raven Boys review. Going back and looking at it now reminds me how much writing I was doing then and just how rich my posts were because of it.

Who/what inspired you to start blogging?
I can’t speak for Jenn and Caitlynn, but for me it was an opportunity to bridge a 700 mile gap between myself and my friends. We started the blog when I lived in Virginia and they lived in Florida and I was missing them immensely.

What is a blog-related goal that you have?
Honestly, it’s been really frustrating with getting Saturday posts going again. It’s easy to not do them because we’re so busy, but when you look at the blog and see that there’s a post every single day except for Saturdays, it gets really frustrating.

My goal is to just get us back on track with Saturday posts, no matter how busy we are.

What is one thing you wish someone told you about blogging?

I think the biggest thing with book blogging is remembering why you’re doing it. I started this because I wanted to talk to my friends about books. But if you think you’re going to make a bunch of money and be famous from it, you need to re-evaluate whether you want to do it because it’s a lot of work.

What was your biggest blog-related accomplishment?
Having an opportunity to host B-Fest for Barnes and Noble. We had so much fun and got to meet so many amazing people.

What types of posts do you enjoy writing?
I love writing reviews, but I also enjoy just rambling about the books or my thoughts on books that I love.

Where do you usually blog? What does your setup look like?
I usually write while on the couch drinking coffee or at school. But right now I’m working in my office at my desk because I was struggling to drink my coffee comfortably while doing this.

What was your last 5-star read?

For Every One by Jason Reynolds. It was beautiful and amazing.

What was your last 1-star read?
I can’t remember now, but I can tell you that I have a potential 1-star read that I’ve been trying to complete for a little over a month now.

What are three words that make you pick up a book?

Magical, best friends, journey.

I think?

What is your Hogwarts House?
Gryffindor. And the longer I’m in the house the more I see it.

What is your favorite reading environment?
I love laying in bed reading when it’s raining. Living in Florida means I have this opportunity quite often.

What advice would you give to new bloggers?
Enjoy what you read and write about. Don’t read what you think will get you views, but what you know you will like (or think you will like). The only person you need to worry about impressing is yourself.


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