Underrated Female Heroes Book Tag

I love perusing and finding new tags that I haven’t seen before. You guys are super creative and I love getting to do all of these great book tags! I found this one on For the Lover of Books, check out there post here. Please check out Kate @ Melting Pots and Other Calamities who created this awesome tag!

1. Name a heroine you like, but whom you feel is always overshadowed by the male characters in the story.

Felicity from The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue. I loved her storyline so much and I cannot wait to continue the story later this year!

2. For that matter, name a heroine whom you feel is always overshadowed by the other female characters in the story.

Zuzana from Daughter of Smoke and Bone. I have not read the new novel that Taylor released last year, but I cannot wait to read it and get more Zuzana.

3. Name a character who had potential but was greatly underutilized in her story.

Luna Lovegood! She needed so much more time dedicated to her in all HP books.

4. Name a female character who you either find better in her book than her movie, find better in her movie than her book, or whose portrayals you find equal.

Amy from Gone Girl. I preferred her so much more in the book than in the movie.

5. Name a character who you want more backstory on.

100% Nehemia from Throne of Glass. I feel like we really missed out on some great potential and I really wanted to learn more about her!

6. Name a character with traits you feel are sadly overlooked by everyone.

Eliot from Invictus. She was severely overlooked in the book and it definitely almost cost all of the other main characters.

7. Name a morally grey character. (Villain or anti hero!)

Nova from Renegades! She was a great character.

8. A character you’re stunned isn’t more famous.

Lila Bard from A Darker Shade of Magic series. She definitely needs to be significantly more famous than what she is, at least by the second book.

9. A character from a piece of fiction you’re amazed isn’t more famous.

Well… I’m not sure how different this is from the previous question, but I am going to 100% finish this book tag up with Eliza from Eliza and her Monsters. She would hate the recognition and fame, but she totally deserves it!

Anybody that feels like doing this book tag, please feel free to grab it. Any of my answers match up with yours?


12 thoughts on “Underrated Female Heroes Book Tag

  1. YES, YES, YES, 100x YES to Luna Lovegood. I love her! She is by far my all time favorite character from Harry Potter. I hate that she was overlooked so much just because she wasn’t in Gryffindor. She deserves all the love.


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  2. Loved your answers, and well, I want an entire book on Nehemia if that’s possible, From how she loved her country and was ready to die for it, I’d love to see things from her perspective or at least learn more about her.

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  3. I totally agree about Luna and Nehemia! And Zu! She’s such a lovely, sassy character. I adored Night of Cake and Puppets, it’s so so cute. I love me some female heroes so I think I’ll give this tag a try.

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  4. I SO agree about Luna and Nehemia. I actually am totally in the Harry x Luna shipper camp, I don’t mind Ginny but I honestly just find her a bit boring next to Luna! She’s so fab she should get her own TV show of her fun adventures or something. And I agree about Nehemia when she died I was like WHY! She had such a good character arc going on then it was all stolen away…le sigh.

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