Reading Slumps | Books to Help Get Me Out

I have been in the longest reading slump in a while. I have currently gone over a month without reading a single book. I honestly have missed reading so much, I just haven’t been able to find the initiative to pick up a book. One issue is how much Netflix I have been watching, but I’m so close to catching up with Grey’s Anatomy!

I have been halfway through A Gathering of Shadows for over a month, so I will definitely have to restart that book once I get out of the reading slump.

School starts very soon, so I can’t see myself picking up anything any time in the next couple weeks, but I need some good books to get myself out of a reading slump.

These are a couple of books that I think might help get me out of this slump, give me your ideas as well!

Sorry about this random, rambling post-but I just wanted to give you guys an honest update about where I am at currently.

What are some tricks that you used to get yourself out of a reading slump?


13 thoughts on “Reading Slumps | Books to Help Get Me Out

  1. I feel you! I’ve been there a few times already. What I do is that I reread my favorite books again, like revisit the scenes I love. I hate having slumps. It’s like a bookworm’s disease lol

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  2. Those are some great books to get you out of the slump!

    And ughhh I hate when this happens to me. You miss reading, but getting back into it is SO HARD. Then the guilt sets in… especially as a book blogger.

    Good luck!

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