Past, Present, & Future Book Tag

We were tagged by Lorryn over at The Reading Parental, check out her post here! This tag was created by Bookish Pisces you should check her blog out.


  • 🔮Find a book published 10 (or more) years ago
  • 🔮Find a book that will be published THIS year.
  • 🔮Find a book that will be published next year (or further in the future)
  • 🔮Tag 3 people



Published: June 8, 1949

This book has been one of my favorite “classics” since high school. The story has always intrigued me, and I will forever love a good dystopian novel.



Published: January 2, 2018

Holly Black brought me back into the world of Fae with this novel and it was amazing. Black does a great job with her characters and world building and she just makes me want to keep reading her books. Come on Wicked King!


To Be Published: February 5, 2019


Angie Thomas is an amazing person. When we saw her speak at YALLFest last year, I knew there was something special about her and she is just what we need in the YA realm right now. On the Come Up has been at the top of my future TBR since she announced it!

Please feel free to do this tag if you want! Be sure to tag us in the post, so we can check out your answers!


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