The “Off The Grid” Readathon

Reading has not been my priority lately. That has been apparent for this entire year. So, when I saw BionicBookWorm’s post about The “Off The Grid Readathon I thought it was a perfect opportunity for me. This weekend I am prioritizing my reading. I still have a lot of things to do over the weekend. But, I’m going to make a conscious effort to pick up a novel rather than picking up my laptop or my phone. This weekend is going to be for me to get back into the swing of things.

Shanah at BionicBookWorm stated that Justine will be putting up announcements both on her blog ( and on her YouTube channel (Check her channel out HERE) so keep an eye out for more information on the readathon and the chats on twitter.

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  • Readathon’s will be quarterly on the second weekend of the month. The first one will be in October, then next is January, April, and July.
  • They will start at 12:00am on Friday and will end at 11:59pm on Sunday night, in your own time zone!! – let’s not make this complicated! This gives you 3 full days to read! (The first ever readathon begins October 12th and ends on the 14th)
  • This is a fluff-less readathon. No challenges, no reading sprints, no buddy reads (yet) – just read! Your only goal will to be to get in as many reading minutes/hours as you can and stay focused on your book!
  • The only rule – stay off your phone!!!This is a no distractions readathon! The whole point is to go off the grid. Don’t check to see what’s new on Facebook, don’t look up snapchat filters, don’t search for new pictures on Instagram, and DON’T even think of opening twitter!! All of these habits are the things that we’re trying to break and re-train. You need to become aware of just how much time you’re wasting getting caught up on social media. More importantly, you need to see  how much you can accomplish without those distractions! For some added fun – keep track of your reading minutes to see how well you did and compare it with the next readathon 🙂

Check out @OffTheGridReads for details and information.



So, I’m committing to focusing on reading this weekend. Will you make this commitment too? If you are interested in this readathon check out Shanah’s post announcing the readathon. Within that post is more information about the creation of the event. She also offers some tips to deter yourself from falling back into the trap of picking up your phone rather than reading like you planned. In addition to the tips she offers some awesome apps that can tools to help with this readathon.


Are you planning on joining us in The “Off the Grid” Readathon? Let’s do this together!


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