Eden’s October TBR

Good morning!

I’ve had a few days to consider what I want to read this month — or at least attempt to read this month — and I figured now would be the best time to post it.

Last month I managed to read three books, which really isn’t great, but is better than I have done recently. If you’d like a recap on some of the books I read, go ahead and check it out here!

It’s a month of V.E. Schwab for me.

I’ve waited years for Vengeful to come out. Naturally, I’m inclined to read it as soon as possible now that it’s finally here.

With that said, of course I want to read City of Ghosts because I’m a Schwab stan and nothing can change that.

I began reading Nemisis about two weeks ago. I set it down because I just didn’t have time to read it then. I managed to read enough though that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.

What’s your October TBR?


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