NaNoWriMo Has Begun

Yesterday marked the first day of National Novel Writing Month.

For those of you that have never heard of National Novel Writing Month, it’s a month long challenge in which you work toward completing a 50,000 word story — or start of a story.

I can say that I’m already off to a poor start as I recently started watching Grey’s Anatomy and I haven’t been able to unglue myself from the television. My Netflix binging kept me from getting in any real writing, so I’m banking on catching up and hopefully getting ahead over the weekend.

This year, my focus is on a novel I started last year. If I complete 50,000 words, then great. If I complete the story and can go back in December for edits, even better!

Currently, I’m on track to finish… eventually. But! If I can get sucked back into the writing process and fall back into my little world of writing, than I feel like maybe I might have an actual novel. Maybe not a great one, but there will be a story from start to end.

Are you planning to participate in NaNoWriMo? Have you participated before?

To get myself started, I plan on doing some word sprints on a regular basis over the next month. If you’d like to participate and complain to me about how dead you are from writing all month I’d love to here from you!


7 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Has Begun

  1. I’ve planned on doing it multiple times and then have allowed something to get in the way. I’m determined to to do it this year! I started with 2026 words yesterday. Today is jam-packed for me, but I’m going to try to find 15 minutes here and there to try to get to the 1700 word mark. Not sure if my story is going to end up being and novel or 2 novellas yet, but I want to hit 50,000 words and have fun!


  2. This will be my first year participating and I’m super excited. I’m halfway through my first novel, which sounds good until I add that it’s been in the making for the past three years lol. My goal is to complete at least a chapter a day so it’ll be ready for editing on December 1st. I have to balance this with school, teaching and parenting so we’ll see how this goes!


  3. I try to split my time throughout the day. I average 500 words for every 15 minute word sprint. Instead of sitting down and writing for 45 minutes to an hour, I spread the time out during the day. I’ll do a sprint during my lunch break or 15 minutes when I have time to spare. It helps a lot.


  4. Good luck to you! I’ve at least tried NaNo every year since 2005, but haven’t always ‘won’. This year I made my goal only 20k words since I have so much other stuff going on and don’t want to put too much pressure on myself, lol.


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