Susan Dennard and Wattpad

I quit reading recently.

I go through periods of time where I’m obsessed and can’t get enough, then I lag for an even longer period of time.

But in the last week — maybe a little longer — I’ve caught myself reading a single chapter at a time.

This isn’t because I don’t have the stamina, it’s because I’m reading a story on Wattpad and Susan Dennard is releasing chapters one at a time.

Yes, you read that right. Dennard is publishing a story that is free to read on an app that is accessible to anyone with internet connection or a phone.

In the last couple of weeks Susan Dennard began writing and updating a story on Wattpad.

Wattpad is an App that allows subscribers to read and write their own stories. It’s well-known to many of its users for hosting fan fiction.

Now, Susan Dennard fans can associate it with her on-the-side passion project The Executioners Three.

Dennard describes the story as, “Stranger Things meets Sleepy Hollow in 1999 on the shore of Lake Michigan. Ghosts. Murder. Girl power. Squad goals. And lots of kissing.”

The story opens with a brilliantly written and eerie poem title “Blood Oath” and moves into the prologue which introduces a dark and spooky setting.

I won’t go in depth, but if you’re a fan of Dennard’s writing you should make a point to read her newest story.

Actually, even if you aren’t a fan you should read it because in the last few years Dennard has set herself apart from many authors with her openness about the struggles as an author, the stresses of publishing, and even how pay works in the industry.

She has set herself up to be a much-needed voice for writers.


2 thoughts on “Susan Dennard and Wattpad

  1. I’ve never read a Susan Dennard book, but I’m honestly blown away by her. I follow her on Twitter, and she isn’t afraid to to speak her mind even if it goes against what other authors and publishing houses believe.


  2. I love Wattpad’s accessibility, although I’ve only just started to follow a couple of authors who publish there. Now, I can follow Dennard too. Thanks for the recommendation.


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