LinkedIn will allow you to create carousels without using PDFs

LinkedIn will allow you to create carousels without using PDFs

LinkedIn is finally making it easier to create carousels on its platform

LinkedIn announces the arrival of an option to create carousels directly on its application. Previously, users had no choice but to create a PDF in advance with the desired images, then add the document to the platform to generate a carousel. A puzzle!

This is very good news for brands and creators who will save time on a daily basis. This will also allow them to highlight their news more easily. The carousel format is very visual and gives quick access to a lot of information with just a few swipes, which is appreciated by social network users.

For example, being able to add several videos in a single post can be a real plus for getting a message across, as video is content that is heavily consumed by users of social platforms. Thus, the carousel can easily improve its performance in terms of visibility and engagement on LinkedIn. According to Socialinsider, native documents (i.e. PDFs published in “carousel”) already generate 3 times more clicks than other content. The carousel has also had some success on Instagram for several years.

What you need to know about LinkedIn’s carousel format

Here’s what you need to know about the carousel format:

  • The format will support both images and videos,
  • Users will be able to post a carousel from the mobile app or on PC through a web browser,
  • It will be possible to change the order of images or videos after downloading.
Here is the interface to create a carousel on LinkedIn. © Twitter @MattNavarra

Initially, LinkedIn is testing the carousel format with thousands of creators globally, then is expected to roll out the feature to all users this fall.

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