WhatsApp will allow you to create your avatar: what you need to know

WhatsApp will allow you to create your avatar: what you need to know

WhatsApp should soon launch avatars

According to the latest information revealed by WABetaInfo, Meta plans to introduce avatars on WhatsApp. They can be used as a sticker in discussions or they will serve as a profile presentation during video calls. The goal is to provide a more personalized experience for users.

As shown in the image above, the avatars are similar to Facebook and Instagram. Thanks to the dedicated section, they can create an avatar in their image and then share it with their contacts.

The “Avatar” feature is under development, which means that it will still take some patience before you can use it. No official announcement has yet been made by WhatsApp about this.

Avatars are emerging on social platforms

Internet users like to use their avatar to express their emotions and react to a message in a more personalized way. And social platforms have understood this. A few years ago, Snapchat was the pioneer with the introduction of Bitmojis, then Facebook avatars followed!

Recently, Instagram also launched avatars to react to posts, and TikTok rolled out its own avatars last month, similar to Apple’s Memojis. A frustrating point to note: some users do not always appreciate the aesthetics of avatars that are not “real” enough to correctly represent their image. Thus, to solve this problem, social platforms offer more and more options for a personalized avatar from head to toe: hair, face, morphology, dress, etc.

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