the TikTok-like newsfeed does not appeal to many users

the TikTok-like newsfeed does not appeal to many users

A petition is launched against the new experience at TikTok

Many users are not satisfied with the TikTok-style news feed, which Instagram has been offering for a few months, so much so that a petition has been launched on by influencer and photographer Tati Bruening. This initiative calls for Instagram to become “like before”.

The message of the visual below is clear: “Make Instagram become Instagram again. (Stop trying to be TikTok, I just want to see cute pics of my friends). » The petition has already garnered over 130,000 signatures. The post below has already reached over 1.5 million likes.

Other well-known influencers support the petition

Following the movement started by Tati Bruening, other influential voices followed. Kylie Jenner (360 million followers), popular influencer with young people, shared the petition on her Instagram story. And it’s not just any influencer since she lost Snapchat $ 1.3 billion via a simple tweet in 2018, where she reported that she no longer used the application.

Another star who expressed his support: Kim Kardashian (326 million followers). She also shared Tati Bruening’s post in her story, enough to give voice to this fight against Instagram’s “TikTokisation”!

What exactly are Instagram users complaining about?

Instagram has made too many changes recently in an effort to compete with TikTok, at the cost of user experience.

Admittedly, Instagram announced the great return of the chronological news feed last March, but this is only an option since the feed applied by default when you open the application is the one managed by the algorithm. That means more post recommendations from accounts you don’t follow and more ads. And this content is now slipped into users’ news feeds like real chameleons with the new TikTok-style full-screen posting experience.

Instagram now suggests a lot of Reels from accounts you don’t follow when you scroll through your News Feed, again with a view to pushing its Reels format, a clone of TikTok’s short video format. The problem is that some users don’t want to see these unwanted suggestions in their feed. The advertisements are also displayed so that the post looks like an organic post, we notice that the mention “Sponsored” is displayed at the bottom of the publication (before, it was at the top). It is also noted that photo posts are less highlighted, while this format is part of Instagram’s DNA. The reason: the Reels of course!

Instagram is all about content discovery (as on TikTok of course), while many users would just like to view the posts of the accounts they follow and no longer ask themselves the question: where have my friends’ posts gone?

Thus, by wanting to look too much like TikTok, Instagram could lose users, the application would therefore have every interest in taking current feedback into account, but is a return to “Instagram before” really possible? In the meantime, there are a few possible actions to regain control of your news feed in the face of Instagram’s terrible algorithm.

Instagram’s CEO reacts to this petition

In a video, Adam Mosseri, boss of Instagram wants to clarify things. He recalls that the new “full-screen” experience of the news feed is still being tested and that adjustments will be necessary before being rolled out to all users.

Content recommendations remain a priority for the app in the words of Adam Mosseri: “We’re going to keep getting better at recommendations because we believe it’s one of the most effective and important ways to help creators reach more people. »

Instagram’s CEO also wants to reassure users about the visibility of photo posts: “I want to be clear, we will continue to support the photos, it is part of our DNA” before adding: “that said, I have to be honest, I believe more and more that Instagram is going to become video over time”. The future of the application, therefore, seems already mapped out.

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