5 levers that boost the French digital sector

5 levers that boost the French digital sector

The 5 levers that contribute to the growth of the digital sector

According to a study unveiled by Numeum, the professional association of French tech, the growth of the digital sector in 2022 is revised upwards. The estimates announced an increase of +7.1% for the current year thus rising to +7.4%. “After the Covid crisis, the year 2022 marks a very strong recovery for digital. (…) This marked recovery is explained by the strong increase in demand, driven by the digital transformation but also by other structural issues such as the migration of applications or other projects previously stopped which resumed earlier provided that “emphasizes Numeum.

This growth is notably due to the 5 main levers that boost French digital:

  1. Digital transformation: it notably includes developments in the customer experience, e-commerce, and dematerialization. Its growth is estimated at +10.2% in 2022, i.e. 7.6 billion euros.
  2. Cloud C&SI (Consulting and Systems Integration): this lever is linked to verticalized clouds, globalized collaboration, or the modernization and transformation of apps and infrastructures. In 2022, its growth is estimated at +24.5%, or 15.3 billion euros.
  3. Big Data: it concerns the collection and use of data to develop business models, but also the development of new services. Its growth is estimated at +22.1% in 2022, i.e. 2.3 billion euros.
  4. Cybersecurity: this trend is illustrated by the growth in investments and outsourcing in order to counter the upsurge in attacks and cyber risks. In 2022, its growth is estimated at +11.3% or 3.3 billion euros.
  5. IoT: this lever concerns in particular the development of new solutions with 5G and edge computing. Its growth is estimated at +19.1% in 2022, i.e. 5.9 billion euros.

The 10 key figures to remember about the digital sector in 2022

Among the figures that illustrate the estimates announced by Numeum:

  • The size of the digital market is reassessed at 60.8 billion euros in 2022 (initially assessed at 56.3 billion euros),
  • +11.3% estimated growth for publishers and cloud platforms,
  • +5% estimated growth for digital service companies (ESN),
  • +6.9% estimated growth for engineering and technology consulting (ICT) activities,
  • 62% of CIOs (Director of Information Systems) say that information system security is a priority in 2022 (source: PAC survey, Group Teknowlogy for Numeum, May 2022),
  • 68% of CIOs surveyed use the cloud, and 15% say they will start using it in 2022 or 2023.
  • 79% of digital companies cite the lack of talent as the main obstacle to growth,
  • 23% of digital companies believe that the global situation will have an impact on activity in France,
  • The digital workforce represented a total of 572,126 people in 2021 (sources: BIPE, Numeum, and ACOSS data),
  • 50.3% of employees in the digital sector (IT services and software) worked in Île-de-France in 2021.

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