Delete personal data on Google: telephone, email, postal address, etc.

Currently, Google offers several options for removing your personal data from search results. We detail the steps to follow depending on the data you wish to delete.

How to delete your personal information on Google

Delete your name from search results

The right to be forgotten, established in 2014 by the Court of Justice of the European Union, offers Internet users the possibility of requesting the removal of a link that appears in Google results, and which mentions their name.

Here are the steps to do this:

  1. Go to the personal information deletion request form,
  2. Complete the information requested (first name, last name, email address, URL of the content to be deleted, reasons for the request, etc.), then complete the declaration on honor and affix your signature,
  3. Click on Send.

Request deletion of other personal data

Since last April, Google has offered the possibility of requesting the deletion of new information such as:

  • bank account numbers,
  • credit card numbers,
  • Images of your identity documents,
  • Confidential personal files,
  • Personal contact details and login credentials.

To erase this personal information, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Google’s help page,
  2. Click on the button Start deletion request,
  3. Complete the questionnaire to indicate the data you wish to delete,
  4. Click on Sendin in order to submit your request.

Google reminds all the same that the deletion of data in the search results does not mean that these disappear entirely from the Internet.

Google launches a new tool that simplifies your procedures

Google has just introduced a new tool that aims to further simplify the process of requesting the deletion of personal data that appears in search results. With this feature, you can more easily remove:

  • A phone number,
  • An email,
  • A mailing address.

Concretely, you just have to click on the data you want to delete, then specify its nature to start the deletion process. Then, you access a dashboard that allows you to follow the status of your requests.

All your deletion requests are grouped in a single dashboard. ©Google

The Mountain View firm has indicated that this new feature will be available ” In the coming months “ in the Google app. It will also be possible to request the deletion of this data by pressing the three dots located next to the search results.

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