How to Live Instagram on PC via OBS or Other Streaming Software

How to Live Instagram on PC via OBS or Other Streaming Software

What to know about Instagram Live Producer

The application presents Instagram Live Producer which allows you to launch a live Instagram on a computer using streaming software through a stream key (stream key). This feature is only available on

What is interesting for creators and brands:

  • It is possible to broadcast a live Instagram on PC.
  • This integration also opens up production functionality outside of the traditional smartphone camera, including additional cameras, external microphones, and graphics.

Note: this new feature is being rolled out by Instagram but we don’t have specific information on the roll-out. It is possible that you do not have access to this feature yet, you will have to be patient.

How to make an Instagram live on PC via streaming software

Here are the steps to follow to broadcast a live using streaming software:

  1. For streaming software installation: select the streaming software you will use for your live event (Streamlabs, OBS, or Streamyard for example), open the interface of your software, and locate the location to enter your URL and your stream key. Both of these will allow you to broadcast your broadcast software setup directly to Instagram Live.
  2. For setup on Instagram: go to, click the + icon at the top right and select Live in the drop-down menu. Enter the title of your live video and select your audience (“Practice” for training or “Audience” for streaming to your subscribers). You will then see a screen that contains your unique URL and stream key, with instructions on how to use them.
  3. For distribution on Instagram: then go to your streaming software, use your Instagram provided URL and stream key to add Instagram Live as your streaming endpoint. Once you’ve set up your stream the way you want it, launch it on your streaming software. In the Live Producer viewer on, you’ll see a preview of what your stream will look like on Instagram Live. Once you have viewed and confirmed your preview, click go live in Live Producer to start the live broadcast.

For more, head over to Instagram’s blog post.

On Instagram, you get the stream URL and key for your live stream. © Instagram

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