Instagram unveils new options for paid subscriptions

Instagram wants to offer new tools to creators

In a blog post, the Meta group unveiled new features for paid subscriptions on Instagram. After testing this option with 10 creators in the United States, the firm announces that it will continue to expand paid subscriptions on the platform. Thus, the Meta Group announces the arrival of new features that will allow creators to enhance the exclusive content offered when their subscribers take out a subscription.

The new features that will be available to creators who already have access to the option are:

  • Posts and Reels reserved for subscribers: creators will be able to post posts and Reels for subscribers who have decided to pay for access to exclusive content.
  • Exclusive profile tab: creators who offer subscriptions will have a tab on their profile adorned with a crown icon (see an image of one). This allows subscribers who have taken out a subscription to access a separate stream of exclusive content.
  • Subscriber-only chats: creators will have the ability to offer exclusive subscriber chats for up to 30 members. “These conversations, powered by Messenger, can be created directly from the Inbox or from a Story and automatically end after 24 hours, so creators can maintain a balance and decide when and how they want to connect with their subscribers,» says Instagram.
An overview of chats reserved for paying subscribers. © Instagram

New products to further promote creators

In January 2022, Instagram had already rolled out Lives and Stories reserved for subscribers who opted for a paid subscription with their favorite creators. In a tweet, Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, spoke about this latest news: “We want Instagram to be the best platform for earning creators’ income. And the fundamental thing for all creators, wherever they are, is sustainable income because if you are a creator, you have a business to maintain”.

These new enhancements and possibilities for creators are just the beginning, as Adam Mosseri clarified. Additionally, Meta Group announces: “We hope to offer subscriptions to even more creators in the coming months, so keep an eye out for updates”.

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