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Producing live content is a definite factor of attractiveness and commitment. Many brands and creators have already adopted this type of content in their communication strategy. A study conducted by Ipsos for TikTok, between November and December 2021, thus shows the public’s receptivity to live content on the Chinese platform. The survey was conducted in 9 markets (USA, Brazil, UK, Saudi Arabia, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Australia) and relies on testimonials from at least 250 users per market .

The numbers to know about live content on TikTok

Among the figures to remember:

  • 64% of TikTok users surveyed are very interested in live content (compared to 43% of Internet users surveyed who do not use TikTok),
  • 1 in 3 TikTok users believe it is the best platform to connect with brands,
  • 50% of TikTok users have switched to purchase following a live,
  • TikTok users are 1.6 times more likely to watch live streams to learn about brands than people who don’t use the platform, and 1.7 times more likely to buy products,
  • 77% of users say they are interested in content from brands powered by content creators, compared to 72% for celebrities and 68% for brand ambassadors,
  • 80% of Internet users using TikTok are interested in live tutorials, 78% find this type of content suitable for product releases and 77% for product reviews.
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Note that TikTok recently announced that it was abandoning its live shopping plans in Europe and the United States. In other words, certain features specifically reserved for live shopping will not be deployed. However, this does not prevent brands and other content creators from using live streams as a way to establish a lasting connection with their audience.

5 tips for brands to succeed in their lives on TikTok

In order for brands to take ownership of the live format and make the most of it on the platform, TikTok shares 5 best practices:

  1. Set up an appointment: care should be taken to offer lives on a regular basis in order to establish an appointment with your audience.
  2. Bid on an original place: the setting of a live has a role to play in captivating and keeping the spectators. This is why TikTok advises taking your audience to an unusual place such as a factory or a showroom.
  3. Answer the questions : using the principle of questions and answers during a live broadcast allows active interaction with subscribers, in order to offer content that is consistent with what interests the public.
  4. Teasing: it may be wise to create expectation by programming a live. This can be illustrated by setting up a countdown, for example, so that your subscribers are there.
  5. Take care of the visual: the platform encourages brands to show visually interesting elements throughout the duration of a live, in order to capture the attention of viewers and make them stay. This is why tutorial-type content is particularly engaging.

Source: Tik Tok

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