New emojis to react to messages

New emojis to react to messages

WhatsApp continues to develop its emoji reactions

Mark Zuckerberg has just officially announced that it will soon be possible to react to a message in a WhatsApp chat with any emoji.

Good news for users who sometimes felt limited to express their emotions on a message sent because only 6 emojis were available on messaging: 👍🏻❤️😂😮😢🙏🏻. As a reminder, these first emoji reactions were deployed last May.

This new feature regarding emoji reactions is being rolled out and will be available to all WhatsApp users in the coming weeks (Android and iOS).

How to use emoji reactions on WhatsApp

To react to a WhatsApp message with an emoji, simply make a long press on the message concerned. The emojis then appear at the top of the message. For the moment, only 6 emojis are displayed. When the new feature is rolled out, you will see a + icon appear to the right of the other emojis, just click on it to choose another emoji.

Good to know: if you need to delete an emoji reaction on WhatsApp, just long-press the message again and press the emoji you previously selected.

Emoji reactions, a use that takes root

Reacting to a post or a private message has become commonplace on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Users are more and more fond of emoji reactions because they appreciate being able to quickly express their emotions regarding a post or message. Thus, social platforms are working more and more on emoji reactions, like LinkedIn’s new laughing emoji to react to posts or Telegram, which now offers a premium subscription with exclusive emoji reactions; and now WhatsApp, which allows you to react to discussions with any emoji, whereas only two months ago, no emoji reaction was possible on Meta messaging.

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