Picture-in-Picture available on iPhone and iPad for Premium subscriptions

Picture-in-Picture available on iPhone and iPad for Premium subscriptions

The Picture-in-Picture is finally in deployment for iOS users

In April 2022, a misinterpreted tweet from YouTube suggested that Picture-in-Picture was going to be rolled out very soon. It is finally 3 months later that the social network officially launches the deployment of this highly anticipated feature. Thus, users of iPhone and iPad devices can now benefit from Picture-in-Picture. This function makes it possible to watch YouTube videos in a mini-player, while simultaneously browsing other applications on a smartphone.

As YouTube explains, the feature is exclusive to all Premium members and applies to all content (music and non-music). On the side of non-premium members, only Internet users located in the United States have access to the Picture-in-Picture function on iPhones and iPad (excluding music content) for the moment.

We recognize that rolling out this much-requested feature has taken some time and would like to thank everyone who shared their feedback during testing and patiently waited for this moment!, YouTube announces.

How to Enable Picture-in-Picture on iPhone and iPad

To enable Picture-in-Picture functionality on iPhone and iPad:

  1. In the YouTube application, click on your profile at the top right of the screen,
  2. Access to Settings,
  3. Select general settings,
  4. Enable Picture-in-Picture.

To take advantage of the feature, start a YouTube video, then exit the app to access the player and position it wherever you want on your screen. If the feature is not enabled, you still get background playback, which is enabled by default.

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