Snapchat launches its web version

Snapchat launches its web version

Access Snapchat from the Computer

In its latest blogpost, Snapchat has just announced the launch of a web version of its messaging service. The social network now offers a dedicated web page, accessible from Chrome. All you have to do is enter your username and password to access the service (ie: for now, the web page links to the Snapchat press release).

Among the features available via the web application:

  • Sending pictures,
  • Sending messages via chat,
  • Responses and reactions to messages,
  • Automatic deletion of messages after 24 hours,
  • Voice or video calls,
  • The Lenses (soon).

Note that all of your conversations are synchronized between your smartphone and your computer. Thus, it is possible to start and continue a discussion from any medium.

Among the features that are not available on the Snapchat web:

  • Functions related to Stories,
  • Content published on Discover,
  • The mini-games.

Snapchat guarantees transparency and confidentiality, even on the web

To ensure safe trading and protect your data, the Snapchat webpage will be automatically hidden when you open a new window on your computer.

Also, to offer total transparency, the bitmoji that appears when you enter a chat will be accompanied by a computer, in order to signal to other members of the chat that you are chatting from your PC (see the video above).

A web version is reserved for Snapchat subscribers… for now

When launched soon, the web version of Snapchat will be available only to Snapchat+ subscribers located in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Followed by subscribers who live in France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

After these deployments, the Snapchat web will be available to all users worldwide, including non-subscribers.

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