The top 10 favorite French emojis on Twitter

The top 10 favorite French emojis on Twitter

Lots of laughs, a bit of passion, and a touch of chauvinism on Twitter at the start of the year. Β© Visibrain

A few days before World Emoji Day, which will take place on July 17, Visibrain has established a ranking of the reactions most used by French Internet users on Twitter since the beginning of the year.

On Twitter, we laugh a lot in 2022

Twitter is sometimes described as a β€œbad student of social networks”, where sensitive subjects often make a lot of noise, and where tension can quickly rise between Internet users. And yet! We find in the first place of the most used emojis the tearful face 😭 (with 24.6 million tweets), then the emoji crying with joy πŸ˜‚ (with 24.5 million tweets), i.e. two pictograms which symbolize ( sometimes implicitly) laughter and good humor, neck and neck in terms of popularity.

In third place in the ranking, we find the red heart emoji ❀️, seen in 16.4 million tweets at the start of the year. Is Twitter ultimately less divisive than we thought?

Other favorite emojis: the flame, the thumbs up and the French flag

The flame emoji πŸ”₯ reached 4th place in the ranking (+ 2 places compared to 2021), with 14 million tweets in total. The growing popularity, is explained in particular by its very frequent use when organizing contests on the platform. Then comes the thumbs up emoji πŸ‘, in 5th place, with 13.8 million tweets.

The French flag πŸ‡«πŸ‡· ranks 6th in the ranking, used in more than 13.3 million tweets since the start of the year. The notoriety is explained by the sporting events which took place in 2022 (appointment of Karim Benzema as French top scorer, victory of the XV of France last March), as well as the presidential election.

Here is the complete top 10 of the most used emojis on Twitter:

  1. Tearful face 😭: 24.6 million tweets
  2. Face crying with laughter πŸ˜‚: 24.5 million tweets
  3. Red heart ❀️: 16.4 million tweets
  4. Flame πŸ”₯: 14 million tweets
  5. Thumbs up πŸ‘: 13.8 million tweets
  6. French flag πŸ‡«πŸ‡·: 13.3 million tweets
  7. Clasped hands πŸ™: 11.2 million tweets
  8. Red dot πŸ”΄: 11 million tweets
  9. Beacon 🚨: 8.9 million tweets
  10. Finger pointing right πŸ‘‰: 8.8 million tweets

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