you can now sponsor your Reels

You can now sponsor your Reels

Sponsor your Reels to reach new potential customers

In a blog post, Instagram announces the deployment of a new update that will allow brands and companies to boost their Reels, in order to convert them into ads on the social network. The goal: is to reach new audiences and generate more engagement. A Reel that has been converted into an ad will appear in the feed, Stories, Reels tab, and explore page. To benefit from this option, a Reel must be less than 60 seconds long and have an aspect ratio of 9:16, i.e. vertical and full screen.

Instagram also clarifies that certain factors may make a Reel ineligible for this conversion. This is the case if it contains: copyrighted music, GIFs, interactive stickers, or filters. Reels shared on Facebook are also not eligible for the option to sponsor a Reel video on Instagram.

How to sponsor a Reel on Instagram?

To sponsor a Reel on Instagram, the process is simple. Just click the blue button Boost Post which should appear below your Reel, then choose your main objective for your ad: more profile visits, more website visits, more messages. Instagram stresses the importance of monitoring insights after one or more ads have been launched, to find out which ones got the most engagement.

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