5 tools to reduce paper consumption in business

1. EDM (Electronic Document Management) tools to centralize and index all your essential documents

The manipulation and storage of administrative documents in paper format can lead to hazards such as the loss of important information or even a lack of traceability. This is where EDM software comes in. These make it possible in particular to support companies of all sizes (SMEs, ETIs, large groups) in their digital transformation. They thus ensure the dematerialization and digital archiving of essential documents (invoices, purchase orders, contracts, etc.) of an organization. Thus, the documents are stored, and it is possible to classify them, modify them and manage them in a fluid way from the interface of the tool.

Among the key advantages of Electronic Document Management tools:

  • collaborative document management,
  • automation of recurring manual and organizational tasks (such as invoice processing or necessary approvals),
  • access to history for each document,
  • advanced search to find a particular file,
  • Securing documents through data encryption.

2. Tools to facilitate note-taking

There are practical and easy-to-use solutions for taking notes. These tools allow you to take notes from any medium: computer, smartphone or tablet. You have the possibility to add text, but also images, audio, make a drawing, or even a list with checkboxes. In addition, some of these tools offer different templates in order to best adapt to the purpose of note taking.

The major advantage of note-taking tools: is the synchronization of your notes on all your devices allowing you to access them wherever you are, in order to gain efficiency and productivity.

3. Diaries to plan your tasks, appointments, and events

Nothing better than using an electronic diary to easily consult your schedule. You have the possibility to instantly schedule appointments or note tasks to be carried out. In addition to this function, this type of tool makes it easy to share events, meetings, and even other calendars. Not only do you have an overview of your schedule, but you can also add colors to customize and distinguish different tasks or events. The best-known calendar solutions are those linked to an operating system or a mailbox, such as Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, or Outlook Calendar, but independent applications are also available.

Electronic diaries have many advantages: the possibility of consulting the availabilities of other users and collaborators, configuring alerts in the form of notifications for your events, of adding recurring meetings (daily, weekly, etc.).

4. Tools for managing digital document signatures

There are many online tools for signing electronically and facilitating collaboration. To ensure the authenticity of electronic signatures, digital certificates are available and companies use timestamping. It is thus possible to send documents such as contracts, invoices, or purchase orders for signature by means of an email.

The main advantages of these platforms concern the creation of a personalized signature, the archiving and centralization of all your documents signed or to be signed, the real-time monitoring of the signing process and the secure sending of important documents.

5. Tools for distributing and securing dematerialized documents

Digital safe tools represent an online space to store your dematerialized documents durably and securely. These platforms are very useful for companies because they guarantee the sending of administrative documents (such as payslips, for example) to employees and also allow them to be archived.

Digital safes aim to optimize the management of a company’s Human Resources documents and actions. Thus, these tools support the dematerialization of documents, and the automated distribution of certain HR documents, and allow simplified and resolutely secure administrative management.

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