6 tools to facilitate the daily work of SMEs

1. Office suites for creating and collaborating on documents

Office suites are essential solutions. For SMEs, it is the assurance of complete document management, whether text files, spreadsheets, tables or presentations. Office suites such as Microsoft 365, LibreOffice, OnlyOffice Docs, or the Google Workspace productivity suite, offer advanced functions to facilitate collaborative work.

Among the key features offered, you can in particular:

  • collaborate simultaneously,
  • define different access rights,
  • leave comments on a document,
  • track changes and access a version history.

2. File transfer tools to share important documents

Accessible online, file transfer tools are very useful if you need to send heavy documents. They are very easy to use and the majority of these services do not require prior registration. All you have to do is upload one or more files, enter a destination address to transfer them. Other complementary services ensure the tracking of shipments and the online storage of files on secure servers.

The major advantage for SMEs: many file transfer tools are free. This is the case with Swiss Transfer, which offers to send files up to 50 GB for free. Other solutions, such as WeTransfer, Smash or GrosFichiers, are freemium.

3. Social media management services to easily publish and schedule posts

For SMEs, saving time is the key to success and means better productivity. This is why social media management tools are highly recommended. They thus offer a wide range of features that aim to facilitate the management of your various social networks, in particular by scheduling or automating posts.

These tools include a scheduler, which allows you to schedule posts on the accounts of the platforms you have linked. They also simplify competitive intelligence and provide access to detailed monitoring of the performance of your posts.

4. Tools to easily manage your accounts

To save even more time and be able to focus on the development priorities of your SME, simplified accounting management is essential. Many tools allow you to easily manage your cash flow and accounting processing, but also quotes and invoices, the categorization of expenses, or bank synchronization. Via a dashboard, small and medium-sized businesses can manage their expenses, analyze their revenues and access detailed reports.

Good to know: VSEs and SMEs more frequently use SaaS software, such as Indy or Evoliz, which can be integrated into commercial management software.

5. Payroll software

In the same way as accounting management tools, payroll software aims to simplify and automate a company’s human resources, in order to increase productivity. The key features of this type of tool concern the automated processing and distribution of online payroll, the updating and preview of pay slips in real-time, the management of withholding tax, or even access to reports. and accounting exports. These solutions also make it possible to list all employee information and centralize all data relating to the company.

6. CRM tools for optimal customer relationship management

A CRM is a tool that allows you to manage the customer relationship from A to Z. This is why it is essential for any company, especially in full development, in order to ensure a better knowledge of contacts and encourage customer satisfaction. A CRM centralizes the data of all your contacts and allows you to manage sales pipelines in order to organize your opportunities. You also have access to the history of conversations with customers and it is possible to automate repetitive tasks, such as sending follow-up emails. Detailed tracking of business goals and performance is available through custom dashboards. The objective: to optimize the sales process.

Advice: it is important to choose the right CRM according to your needs. Indeed, some CRM tools are particularly aimed at VSEs and SMEs, for the ease of handling and the features offered which will be more in line with this type of structure.

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