Check how much time you spend watching videos each day

Check how much time you spend watching videos each day

TikTok allows you to track your screen time on the platform

New statistics are available for frequent users of TikTok and relate to the time spent on the application. Indeed, as revealed by Matt Navarra, in a tweet you can now view weekly statistics that give you information on:

  • the daily time spent on the application (total, day and night),
  • the number of times you opened the application (total, day, night).

You can choose the week you want to analyze, going back over the past 4 weeks.

This option, already offered on the social network Instagram in particular, allows you to better control your screen time on applications as addictive as TikTok. That’s why there are several customizable settings available, allowing you to set daily screen time and set reminders to take breaks.

How to Access Your TikTok Usage Statistics

To check your daily time spent on TikTok, here’s how:

  • Go to your profile,
  • Click on the three lines at the top right of the screen,
  • Select Settings and privacy,
  • In the “Content and activity” section, click Digital well-being,
  • A summary in the form of a graph is available.

TikTok also offers to set up weekly screen time updates to receive analysis of your time spent on the social network in your app inbox.

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