How to set up an away message on Gmail

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If you are going on vacation and you will not have access to the Internet, the best solution is to set up an automatic response on your mailbox to inform your contacts. Here’s how to use Google’s email service, Gmail, to set up an away message.

How to Enable Auto Reply in Gmail on Desktop

To set up your away message on Gmail:

  • Go to Gmail on your computer,
  • Click the nut-shaped Settings icon at the top right of the screen,
  • Select See all parameters,
  • In the General tab, scroll down to the Auto Reply section,
  • Tick Auto answer enabled,
  • Enter a start date, add an end date (optional), write your away message,
  • Click on Save Changesat the bottom of the page, to validate.
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You can also choose to activate an automatic reply only for your contacts, by checking the box Send a reply only to people in my contacts, located below the text block of your away message. Note: Gmail specifies that if a contact sends you several messages, your automatic reply is sent once every 4 days maximum.

If you use Gmail as your work mailbox, you have the option of choosing to send the automatic reply to everyone who sends you messages or only to those who are part of your organization.

Once your automatic reply is activated, a banner will appear at the top of your inbox. Click on Stop now to deactivate it.

How to Set Up an Auto Reply on Gmail on Mobile

Setting up an automatic response on Gmail via the mobile application differs slightly from the procedure on the desktop. However, the procedure is the same on iOS and Android.

To set up your away message on the Gmail mobile app:

  • Open the Gmail application on your mobile,
  • Click on the three lines at the top left, scroll down and click on the option Settings,
  • Select your account,
  • Scroll down to the General section, then select auto-reply,
  • At the top of the page, enable the option,
  • Configure the start and end date, indicate a subject, and write your message,
  • Click on OK to validate.

If you have not set an end date for your automatic response, simply repeat the above manipulation and deactivate the option auto-reply.

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