Twitter is testing collaborative tweets for creators: here's how it works

Twitter is testing collaborative tweets for creators: here’s how it works

Twitter wants to facilitate collaboration on its platform

Twitter announces testing CoTweet, a feature that would allow two users to appear as co-authors of a tweet. This type of publication would be published simultaneously on the profiles of the 2 authors. A collaborative tweet would be recognizable thanks to the pseudonyms of the co-authors and their profile photos which would appear in the header (see image of one). A format that would be suitable for collaborations with influencers and other brand partnerships, facilitating the reach of the audiences of the 2 co-authors.

How will a CoTweet work?

Concretely, one of the authors should initiate a CoTweet and send an invitation to the second. Indeed, an icon relating to this feature would be available in the Twitter editor and would allow you to select 1 co-author from the list of his followers to send this invitation. The latter would be free to accept or refuse the request. According to Twitter’s indications, a CoTweet could be retweeted or quoted. However, it could only be pinned to the profile of the initiator of the collaborative tweet, and it would not be possible to promote them on the platform. The co-author could for his part revoke his participation in a CoTweet after publication.

The social network specifies that this function is currently being tested with a sample of users in Canada, Korea and the United States, for the moment.

Collaboration, a flagship format on social networks

Twitter is obviously not the only one to want to promote and facilitate collaboration on its platform. Instagram already offers this type of functionality for posts and Reels. In the same way, the social network TikTok is a hit with its duo format, which allows you to respond to a video, the initial author being quoted in the publication. Behind this glorification of collaboration, social networks intend to seduce content creators and brands, essential to their platforms.

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